Friday, November 23, 2007

Well, Aunt Edna was a no-show for Thanksgiving, thank goodness. Poor Clark just can't stand her constant nagging.

Our Thanksgiving day was amazing. Lots of good food, but more important, plenty of time to spend with our family. Chuck came home from college for the weekend, and we had a house full of love for Thanksgiving dinner.

We are counting down the days to a few trips out of town...
December 3-6 we're visiting Disney World. Christmas time at Disney is like no place on Earth & as you well know, Disney World is a Griswold Favorite! So even thought we're taking Rusty & Audrey in January to Disney World, we just had to squeeze in another December trip to see all the Christmas...Disney style!

Then, a few weeks later, we're taking Rusty to Austin to see the Zilker Park Christmas Tree. I grew up visiting this awesome site every Christmas, & Rusty has been once as a baby. I want to take him as a big kid so he can soak it all in, Big Kid Style!

What the heck is the Zilker Tree you ask? It's a Christmas Tree made out of thousands of Christmas lights attached from the ground to the top of a Moon Tower.

So what's the big deal about some lights strung up really, really high? get inside the center, grab hands with someone & spin in a circle to get this:

It's TOTALLY worth a trip to Austin for that! :)