Sunday, June 15, 2008

Long Overdue...

The last I updated, it was Tuesday & we hadn't even been to Dollywood!! The long & short of it is...the road trip was awesome & our entire family loved it. that's another story. The day was painfully hot and while we enjoyed some of the rollercoasters, we only ended up staying a few hours. The heat got to us fast & we were all wilting!

We decided to ditch a 2nd day at Dollywood and head home. As we were driving, Clark decided he was up for driving the whole way home, so we made the complete trip on Thursday. Audrey, Rusty, & I slept a good portion of the way home, and we finally pulled in the driveway around 2am.

Clark must have been in robot-mode to drive through the night like that with no company to talk to & nothing to look at in the dark!


HRH said...

It really looks like you did have the peppy slide show!

That was a serious ROAD trip!

Renee said...

You have something to laugh about later in life! We go tent camping in Colo. every summer for a week; one year we went up there in Spring instead -- drove 14 hours -- stayed for one night and came right back! It was so cold our baby wipes froze overnight! Brrr! We laugh about it now...and we NEVER go to Colorado in May!

PS--I still envy your cool!!