Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Blue Jello Seas & Green Faced Clark

Day Two: Blue Jello Seas & Green Faced Clark

We woke up this morning at 7:15 to the RING of the phone in a quiet room. Room service. We’re bring up your coffee you ordered last night. Can I get service like this at home?

This morning was our Character Breakfast, Mickey’s Jungle Jam something-or-other. We were supposed to be at the table again with That Family, and Clark wasn’t thrilled at all to sit with them any more than absolutely necessary. So I took Rusty down for a “breakfast date” and we met our servers Girish & Anastasia again. Luckily, That Family hadn’t arrived for the 8:15 seating time, so Rusty & I were alone at a table for 8. Mickey waffles, pancakes, & hashbrowns down the hatch, a few dances with Micky, Lelo & Stitch and then Rusty was done with the Breakfast Jam. Just as we were leaving, That Family showed up…30 minutes late…did I mention they were rude? They assign seating times for a reason, & I think it’s completely disrespectful to be THAT late for your seating. So I was glad that Rusty was ready to leave…we’ll have to see That Family soon enough…

Part of the reason Rusty was so ready to leave breakfast was because he wanted to check out the Oceaneer Club, the kids area where parents leave their kids. Now, we don’t leave Rusty (unless he really wanted to I guess), so the plan was for Mommy to bring a book and read in the Club while he played. Clark was finishing up his breakfast & then was going to meet us there to check it out.

What a gem! The Oceaneer Club has all sorts of fun toys, a huge climbing structure in the shape of a pirate ship, movies playing, & Cast Members that played games like Hide & Seek and Freeze Dance with the kids. Rusty found a huge tub of army men and he & another little boy played for about 30 minutes just with that! Clark came to check out the club, but was starting to look green & he decided to go up and take some Bonine and lay down. The 13ft seas were definitely getting to his stomach…but my Ginger Pills ROCKED and kept my tummy where it was supposed to be!!!

Rusty played for about an hour and then was done. It made me sad to watch some of the little kids in there, crying for their parents. We tell our children to stay away from strangers, don’t talk to strangers…but then we shuffle them off to the kids’ club and expect them to have fun. Of course, some kids do…because it IS a fun place to be! But for those who don’t want to be alone (Rusty being one of those), I wish more parents would listen their children instead of just dropping them off because “they’ll be fine”. I want Rusty to participate because it really looks like fun, & he needs to climb & run every day to burn steam, so I will join him because that’s what he needs. And I’m glad I did join him, because it was such a pleasure to sit far back & watch him play with others and enjoy himself.

After we leave the Oceaneer Club, we head back up to the room to find Clark on the couch, more green than ever. He asked why the boat was spinning in circles. Poor, poor Clark. I wish there were more I could do to help, so I give him the SeaBands to put back on and then Rusty & I head down to the Atrium to meet Pocahontas. The line isn’t too crazy-long, and when it’s Rusty’s turn to meet her, he walks up VERY shyly and gives her the sweetest hug. I took his picture, and as he walked away he had this sweet, bashful smile on his face. He was very excited to see his picture on my camera with Pocahontas!

UPDATE: OK…it’s now been a day and a half since I wrote this last part of our trip entry. Honestly, there is NO time to slow down!!! Let’s see if I can remember enough to update everyone.

The rest of our first full day at sea was really tough for Clark. He slept most of the time, and when he was awake he was either trying to soothe his stomach with anything that sounded good, or he was barfing. Poor, poor Clark. There wasn’t much I could do to help except perhaps keep Rusty occupied so Clark could have some quiet time to barf alone. He did get a chance to see the Bears game on TV in the sports bar on the ship. He said concentrating on the game helped take away some of his sickness…but the Bear’s loss didn’t help.

The rest of that day, Rusty & I were around the boat…playing Disney Monopoly, playing in the Oceaneer Club, swimming, catching a movie at the theater…I don’t remember exactly everything we did that day. But I do know we kept busy and out of Clark’s hair.

We ate dinner in our room that night (I’m loving the 24 hour room service included!) and called it a night fairly early. I went to sleep hoping Clark would wake up feeling better the next day, because there is just NO WHERE to escape the rocking ship!

Oh yea, and the Blue Jello Sea…I swear the ocean is the color of blue Jello. It’s absolutely beautiful. I want to eat it J

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