Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Goodbye Green, Hello Food!

DAY THREE: Goodbye Green, Hello Food!

Again, I am writing this from memory since the three of us kept so dang busy yesterday that I didn’t sit down at all to write our Day Three blog entry!! The only real down time we had was during nap time, but I read magazines & showered while Clark & Rusty grabbed a 3 hour nap!

So our morning started off much better. Clark woke up feeling human again & after coffee, we all headed up to Topsiders for the breakfast buffet. The restauraunt is on Deck 9 (only 10 Decks in all), so we were almost as high as you could get above the ocean. Clark found a great table right next to the rail, so as we ate breakfast we watched the ocean go by & enjoyed the breeze. I swear we’re going to gain 10 pounds on this vacation. But for some reason, I have never been so constantly hungry as I am on this ship! My breakfast: a doughnut, scrambled eggs, a hashbrown, bacon, watermelon. OINK OINK! But it was all soooo tasty & we ARE on vacation afterall…so why not.

The day is sort of a blur in my mind…here’s what I can remember but probably not in exact order!

*Lots of swimming in the Mickey Pool for Rusty in the morning. Too many people as the day went on so we found other things to do.

* Rusty & Clark built a potato car for the Mickey 200 car race. You are given a potato, a carrot, 5 toothpicks, 4 wheels, 4 nails, & a knife. As soon as we got our materials, I could see Clark’s wheels spinning on exactly how he was going to build the potato car to win the race. Then the Cast Member says “It must be the child’s design! Parents, you just do the cutting work.” I was very, very proud of Clark…he took Rusty’s directions & didn’t take over. That had to be hard for him J Rusty chose the team name “DaBears”, and we won the first round & were on to the Semi Finals. In the Semi Finals, the car next to us ran off it’s track & crashed into ours, causing us to lose that race. Oh well! Rusty didn’t much like losing, so we had a little talk about being a sore loser.

*I don’t think we’ve ever eaten as much soft serve ice cream as we have on this boat. It is so unbelieveably tasty!

*We skipped dinner with That Family & ate at the burger stand on Deck 9 outside. After dinner, we saw the stage show “Twice Charmed”. Good singing, dancing, stage props. It was fun to see…it was a twist on the Cinderella story. Instead of finding Cinderella by fitting the glass slipper, the glass slipper is dropped & breaks and the rest of the story is “Twice Charmed” and shows how Cinderella is found in the end. Rusty sat in Clark’s lap the whole time & Clark said he really liked the show.

*Rusty spent lots of time in the Oceaneer Club today (his choice!). In the morning, he enjoyed the free play time climbing on the pirate ship playscape. While he played, Clark & I stayed there and played Uno. I so kicked his butt this time. I rock. In the evening, Rusty went back for Making Your Wish Come True night. He played games & made a wish, which the Cast Members wrote on a star. Rusty’s wish: I wish Captain Jack Sparrow was here right now. Turns out Captain Jack will be here tonight, so we’re SO there! After that, the kids decorated foam picture frames (Rusty was very, very proud of his…decorated with sea creatures) & then Pinocchio came to see them! They all had a chance to take pictures with Pinocchio, & their pictures will be put in the frames for the kids to take home at the end of the week. It was 10:00pm & I was finally able to pull Rusty away from the Oceaneer Club J

*Rusty had a night time swim before the Oceaneer Club & made some new friends. I brought some glow sticks for night time events, so Rusty brought 3 of them to the pool to share. They were a big hit & a great ice breaker. The three boys had the pool to themselves in the dark & had loads of fun pretending they were pirates (I think).

We zonked out hard & slept the night away as we made it closer to our first port of call…St. Maarten!

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