Wednesday, February 13, 2008

5:22pm, Wedensday

This morning we hopped in the car with two destinations in mind: Denny's for breakfast & the Safeway for groceries. Talk about Maui living!

The Denny's is the same one we always took Chuck & Audrey to, so it was fun to go back. We all ate WAY more than we should have...pancakes, eggs, bacon, sausage, hashbrowns, toast. And french fries for Rusty. Oink. Oink. But it was sooooo good!

After breakfast we headed to Safeway for some groceries. We're now official Hawaii Safeway Club members....and it saved us almost $25 on our grocery bill. I was prepared for expensive food, but wow was it expensive! Although we spent about $100 on our groceries (and didn't walk away with all that much stuff), it still was cheaper than buying everything at the hotel.

Rusty loves "loaf" and wouldn't you know....Maui has loaf too!

After we came back to the room, unloaded the groceries, & looked at our watches, it was....9AM! Wow...we had done so much already it felt like. No way was it 9AM!

Check out the view from our room....did I mention we got upgraded for free? We passed on the Ocean View upgrade when making our reservation because it would have added another $800 to our room. For $800, I'll happily look at the gardens! When we arrived they told us (because Jeff's Platinum Premier status...ALL those lonley nights traveling were good for something!) that we were upgraded to an Ocean View Suite. Greatness!

We threw on our suits and sunscreen & headed down to check out the property. In general, the pools stink. There is no beach (did I mention this hotel is on a rocky cliff?) That photo above? That's a beach next to the hotel.

Good thing is, though, that all beaches in Maui are public property...even if they're in front of a hotel! There's paths all over the place that connect our hotel grounds to beaches on either side, so it wasn't as bad (the no-beach situation) as we originally thought.

We went out to the rocky area to see if we could make our way down to some tide pools.

I took Rusty down & we found all sorts of neat invertabrate corals.
The waves would gently roll in, wash into the tide pools, & wash back out softly.
I knew there was a "children's pool" on the hotel map, so a little further down the path we found it. It had a fun little spray park that Rusty loved. Although, again, for a Category 6 Marriott resort, this is pretty sub-par. And it was COLD....but Rusty didn't notcie too much!
The beach in front of the hotel next door, the Grand Wailea, was just steps away from the Children's Pool, so we headed down there next.

Rusty had fun chasing the waves, yelling into the ocean, & digging in the sand. This child, who hates getting dirty decided he would roll in the sand/surf and ended up with sand in more places than I thought possible!
It was most fun to run.....
Kick water as fast as you could....
And fall down to roll in the sand!!!

Currently, Clark is dead tired & is suffering from jet lag. Rusty is taking pictures with my cell phone (sorry if he calls any of you by mistake!), & I'm getting dressed as soon as I finish this so we can head out to find dinner. **I'm not naked...just in my pjs!**

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